About Wayout

About Wayout

Wayout develops sustainable commercial beverage production micro factories. These are offered to organizations and entrepreneurs that see the opportunities in locally producing beverages with a minimal eco footprint.

Instead of shipping pre-packaged beverages around the planet – producing tons and tons of excess carbon dioxide and leaving billions of plastic bottles in the wake – Wayout provides a sustainable alternative for local coverage of water and beverages. 

Wayout was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2018 by a group of senior executives within process engineering, consumer electronics, IT/IoT, telecom, brewing and branding.

Our shared vision is to reverse the downward spiral brought about by reckless industrialization, and to re-terraform Earth through consolidating economy, ecology and technology.

Our mission is to enable profitable local production and supply of beverages – with a minimal eco footprint.

Our ambition is to be a global industrial change agent for a sustainable, healthy and safe future for humanity.